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Thoughts From Our Clients

Having eCatalog do the majority of the work that needs to be done on Amazon has helped us tremendously. They know what keywords to use which bring our products to the front of the line and better business knowledge to make our sales increase. We continue to be very pleased with eCatalog and all of the services they provide.
Gerard Bironi, Collectibles And Beyond
After exhausting many hours of research and speaking with several web developer experts, eCatalog Services was the choice for our business. I recall making that first time call to eCatalog and decided from that first call this is going to be the company of choice. Within minutes of requesting information we received a call back. Not expecting that call to be the founder and CEO of eCatalog Services. Karl Wellman is a business professional and takes the time in explaining what type of services are best for your business. Karl does not pressure you into utilizing their services and believe me I had made many calls to Karl before giving Karl our business. Should you need a company to help you grow your ecommerce business with the expert knowledge of working with Amazon FBA then eCatalog is the choice you should make. Our caps off to Karl Wellman and his wonderful staff!
Geral Velasquez de Monroy, BFROG
After being with eCatalog for over 5 years, I have been very satisfied with the whole process. Service is excellent – when you call you talk to a real person and your concerns are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. My business had definitely increased through using their software products and their service of optimizing my products (skus).
Greg Hyatt, Hyatt’s Graphics
We have worked with eCatalog Services for several years and we recognized a considerable increase in our Amazon sales as a result. Karl was instrumental in helping us achieve Gold Merchant status and the team helped us optimize our SKUs which enhanced traffic and our positioning for the all-important buy box.
Gary Majdell, Gary Majdell Sport INC/ Majdell Group USA INC
It’s not often that we have the opportunity to work with a vendor where the owners are technical experts and are easily accessible. Karl and Cheryl have personally answered the phone on a weekend and helped me solve a major outage they had no role in causing.
Gary Brownlee, Texas American Safety Co.
I had called a couple other companies and was getting absolutely nowhere, and then I found eCatalog on Amazon. Karl was extremely helpful and had a wealth of information and knowledge. He was really able to break things down and explain this endeavor. This whole online thing was very new to us and we didn’t know what to expect, but Karl mapped everything out for us. It’s been a great experience working with you guys and the whole process has been very user friendly. Dan and Karl went the extra mile in explaining everything to us. eCatalog doesn’t seem like a typical business, it’s very personal.
Brian Semling, Brian’s Toys

eCat is the best in the industry in terms of data development/managing.

Garry Izotova, Manager & Co-owner, Leather Care Supply

I hired eCatalog in 2015 to enhance my listings on Amazon and help me with setting up new marketplaces for my online business. My sales on Amazon increased and their help on the other marketplaces was invaluable. The staff at eCatalog is always responsive to my needs and understands my business. It has been a pleasure working with them and I look forward to working with them in 2017.

Marcey Barichello, President, Coffeevines

eCatalog Services has been instrumental in helping us build our robust online e-commerce presence.

John MacGregor, General Manager, The Education Station Inc (IA)

Five years ago, we contacted three of Amazon’s solution providers about some road blocks we were facing in our ecommerce, Karl Wellman called us back within 5 minutes of leaving a message.  We were impressed with his professionalism, understanding of our company needs and quick action.  He had the right technological resources and internal connections with Amazon that sellers just don’t have which gave us the momentum to reach our goals at the time very quickly.  We continue to experience the same level of customer care five years later.  Their staff is impeccable and equally values communication and results as highest priority while delivering consistent results.

Stephanie Fedoruk, Vice President, Brainy Baby

Normally, when you hire someone to do a job for you, you expect them to operate within the scope of that role and stop here. Maybe they even prompt you when something comes up a tiny bit outside the scope, so that they can increase their fee, or use it as an excuse to not do what’s needed and just focus on what’s been agreed to.

My experience with Karl and his team is exactly the opposite.  My sales problems becomes their sales problem.  My lack of a network becomes a personal challenge for Karl, as he made it HIS business to help connect us with people who can help get us to the next level.  And when things don’t always go right, which is the way it is with life and business most of the time, there a clear channel for two-way feedback.  Many get defensive in situations like this.  Karl and his team roll up their sleeves and get prescriptive for what needs to be done and they fix it. 

Who DOES that?  

Well, a passionate advocate for your business, for one.  Someone that cares deeply about what they do, and wants you and your business to succeed.   We’ll rely on the intellectual and relational capital we’ve found at eCatalog Services, our consultants and friends who are helping our company get from here to there.

Toby Meisenheimer, Owner, Tru-Colour Bandages

We have worked with eCatalog Services for 3 years and they have been instrumental in our success selling on Amazon.com. They’ve helped us grow our sales 100% each year selling in multiple categories and participating in sponsored ads, exclusives, vendor express and FBA. We have really enjoyed working with them. The eCatalog Services team is great! They care about our business and whenever we have a question or we need help they are available, even at the busiest time of year. I recommend working with them without reservation.

Jocelyn Altman, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Dalys1895.com

Our Proven Process Produces Results


It’s important that we get to know each other – get the lay of the land, so to speak.


We need to know what you want and you need to know what to expect. This meeting lays the foundation for the entire project.


We pull on our overalls, open the toolchest, grab the blueprint and begin to build.


Check off the boxes and re-align so you get what you expect.


The project is complete.  The sod is laid and it looks great.  Time to talk about making it grow and keeping the weeds out.

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