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When I started my own necktie business ten years ago. I never knew how difficult it would be working directly with For those who have tried you know what I mean. It is impossible to get on the inside of this company for serious issues. I chose to work with eCatalog due to their knowledge, expertise and insider connection with Let me say, this has been a “game changer” for our company. eCatalog has helped build my brand name, and sales have increased by 400% in just a few years. eCatalog has the knowledge on building your product from beginning to end including the correct keywords for top search results. Top search results for your product are a must in any eCommerce market place. This team knows just how to get these results as well as protecting your brand. With a new global economy, well established many international sellers do not care about your trademarks or your company’s brand name. Without eCatalog I would be out of business do to the number of international “hijackers” who hijack your trademarked products to sell there knock offs brands for half the price. The staff at this company is amazing in there knowledge on protecting your products intellectual rights.  I have had 5-10 incidents and eCatalog has had these sellers removed ASAP. Trust me when I say will NEVER take your call on any trademark issues. If you are a new or existing company looking to expand in eCommerce, eCatalog is a win win…!

Scott Allan Ties
Scott Allan TiesScott Allan

“After exhausting many hours of research and speaking with several web developer experts, eCatalog Services was the choice for our business. I recall making that first time call to eCatalog and decided from that first call this is going to be the company of choice. Within minutes of requesting information we received a call back. Not expecting that call to be the founder and CEO of eCatalog Services. Karl Wellman is a business professional and takes the time in explaining what type of services are best for your business. Karl does not pressure you into utilizing their services and believe me I had made many calls to Karl before giving Karl our business. Should you need a company to help you grow your ecommerce business with the expert knowledge of working with Amazon FBA then eCatalog is the choice you should make. Our caps off to Karl Wellman and his wonderful staff! “

Geral Velasquez de Monroy
Geral Velasquez de MonroyBFROG

“I want to say thank you to eCatalog Services for their help on our product feeds. It seems we had been losing traction on Amazon and the sears platforms; however, they have been able to correct some issues with our feed and re-submit the listings. Since then we have seen our sales start to grow again. Keep up the good work.”

Les Packham
Les PackhamMilitary Trail Gear

“It’s not often that we have the opportunity to work with a vendor where the owners are technical experts and are easily accessible. Karl and Cheryl have personally answered the phone on a weekend and helped me solve a major outage they had no role in causing.”

Gary Brownlee
Gary BrownleeTexas American Safety Co.

“After being with eCatalog for over 5 years, I have been very satisfied with the whole process. Service is excellent – when you call you talk to a real person and your concerns are addressed and resolved in a timely manner. My business had definitely increased through using their software products and their service of optimizing my products (skus).”

Greg Hyatt
Greg HyattHyatt’s Graphics

“Karl Wellman and the eCatalog service company showed us how to create volume sales and high page ranking on our Amazon storefront using their page optimization product. This gave us the ability to achieve the Amazon Gold Level status. We are now seeing success with using FBA and believe this is a great way to be more efficient and profitable online.”

Doug Glasier
Doug GlasierDiana Toy Store

“eCatalog is dedicated to customer service. They go way above and beyond in solving and explaining any problems we have had giving us unlimited time* to resolve issues. They are experts in their trade and have helped us greatly grow our online business. They have always reacted promptly to all requests and projects we have with their company. Looking forward to continue to grow our business with eCatalog’s expertise. Fantastic to deal with—Kudos to Ecatalog….”

Dave Kaskel Freedom Hill

“We have worked with eCatalog Services for several years and we recognized a considerable increase in our Amazon sales as a result. Karl was instrumental in helping us achieve Gold Merchant status and the team helped us optimize our SKUs which enhanced traffic and our positioning for the all-important buy box.”

Gary Majdell
Gary MajdellCEO Gary Majdell Sport INC/ Majdell Gorup USA INC

“We are very pleased with eCatalog’s services. Listing products on multiple third party channels was very time consuming for us. It’s nice to be able to hand our data over to eCat and know it will be uploaded quickly and correctly. We have seen a rise in sales since signing on with eCat several years ago.”

Eric Robinson
Eric RobinsonRobsinson Gamestore

“We appreciate assistance from eCatalog with issues that we run into in setting up new products for various online platforms like Amazon,,, and and managing various issues that arise with products on these platforms. Their expertise allow us to focus on other aspects of our business to maximize growth.”

Matt Gahman
Matt GahmanBuckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shop

“I had called a couple other companies and was getting absolutely nowhere, and then I found eCatalog on Amazon. Karl was extremely helpful and had a wealth of information and knowledge. He was really able to break things down and explain this endeavor. This whole online thing was very new to us and we didn’t know what to expect, but Karl mapped everything out for us. It’s been a great experience working with you guys and the whole process has been very user friendly. Dan and Karl went the extra mile in explaining everything to us. eCatalog doesn’t seem like a typical business, it’s very personal.”

Brian Semling
Brian SemlingBrian’s Toys

“We’ve been with eCatalog for well over 5 years now and I’ve been very happy with the service. One person in particular, Pat O’Donnell has been outstanding! She’s always there when we need help and I’ve found the level of expertise amazing. What she has been able to do for us in terms of helping us organize our products on Amazon and maintain them, move them and sell them has made me very, very happy. I’ve recommended eCatalog to several people based on my experiences and I continue to be very, very happy with your services.”

Kelly Singh
Kelly SinghBashian Rugs

“We are launching 15 new lines this year and we only have 5
people on staff right now. Our team of 5 has to take care of design,
production, exportation to the USA, AND uploading products to Amazon. Can you imagine only 5 people doing all of that! We decided to outsource as many “jobs” as possible and assistance with all of this is one of them.
This is probably the most important but also the one that takes the longest.
eCatalog has saved us LOT’S of time! So thank you for having the time and
resources to make BFROG possible”

Leia Tunnnaye
Leia TunnnayeGreen Floral Crafts

“Having eCatalog do the majority of the work that needs to be done on Amazon has helped us tremendously. They know what keywords to use which bring our products to the front of the line and better business knowledge to make our sales increase. We continue to be very pleased with eCatalog and all of the services they provide.”

Gerard Bironi
Gerard BironiCollectibles And Beyond

“I started with eCatalog and I have 2 websites. eCatalog helped us push it up to Sears, Amazon and Newegg which has been amazing. They are always really helpful and there for us every time we’ve need help. We expanded with our second website a couple years ago and we are doing a lot of business on Amazon because of eCatalog’s assistance. Dan has built 2 webstores for us and has done a great job. They always return calls and follow up and put you where you need to go. If you have a question about expanding which we actually just did, they will figure something out! That’s what I love about eCatalog!”

Theresa Jehl
Theresa JehlBBW Boutique

Search terms are more important than you may think.

As generating good search terms and keywords for products sold on 3rd party marketplaces is an integral part of our data development business, I decided to take a look “out there” and see what is available for the average seller.  Let me tell you, I’ve probably spent 4-6 hours over the past 2 days perusing […]

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