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Step 1 - Help Increase your Ecommerce Sales

We’ll FIX those exasperating and irritating issues you’re having on the sales channels . . . the ones that make your listings not publish or show wrong data.  And we don’t mean we’ll show you how.  We’ll DO the work!  

Selling on Amazon as Part of your Ecommerce Plan

Sellers have soooo much competition on Amazon so you need your listings to stand out, and you need them to be right!  You definitely don’t want to deal with customer complaints and poor performance metrics because of an issue you couldn’t fix, or worse yet, one you didn’t even cause!

Some of the big issues we’re seeing recently include

We can help you with all of these and more!

Selling on Walmart as Part of your Ecommerce Plan

Walmart is taking on Amazon with everything it’s got and you want to be there as it happens.  But some of the challenges can be daunting.  The single biggest issue we’re seeing with this marketplace is its requirement for pricing parity.

Don’t get frustrated when your listings are unpublished because of pricing.  We deal with this all the time.

We’re also seeing a trend with merchants, or even Walmart itself,  putting up inaccurate information.

Find out more about selling on Walmart.

Jet is the newest of the ecommerce marketplace giants and has already managed to put Amazon on its toes, or at least take notice.  There are a few idiosyncrasies to selling on Jet and understanding them is imperative.

  • The complicated algorithm Jet uses to determine which merchant will get the sale
  • Requiring the use of an API to upload your products
  • The lack of notification if there are issues preventing your listings from publishing

You need a company like eCat to help you navigate the path.

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Step 1 - Help Increase your Ecommerce Sales

Do you sell your own branded products? If so, you need to register for Amazon’s Brand Registry and then Enhance and Protect your brand for ecommerce selling.

Going through the steps to create a Brand and then trademark it is a lot of work, but it’s only the first step.  Now you’ve got to get recognized.  Amazon has come a long way in helping its sellers market, enhance and protect their brands and it’s very important that you have someone in your corner that will walk you through it and keep it going.

You won’t find any company that will be more diligent in helping you market and protect your brand.

We will be happy to help you with . . .

  • Determining your eligibility for Brand Registry and if you aren’t eligible, guiding you through the steps to get there
  • Guiding you through the application process
  • Determining the layout for your Brand storefront, followed by eCat’s design and development, and then submitting it to Amazon for review.
  • Constructing and implementing Enhanced Brand Content for your products, including the creation of Narrative Copy and the insertion of additional images and video, when available, and submitting to Amazon for review
  • Update and/or modify product details to keep the premium representation of your brand up-to-date and relevant
  • The use of Amazon’s Brand Registry Early Reviewer Program as available
  • Maintain Brand Identity and Value (for up to a set number of SKUs) by
    • Reporting Copyright and Trademark Infringement visible on your listings to both you and to Amazon
    • Opening cases and purchasing product as required to remove unauthorized sellers (limitations apply)
    • Monitoring listings and opening cases to remove unauthorized ASIN contribution published by other sellers
    • Notify offending sellers that your Brand is restricted
    • Notify you of MAP pricing violations (limitations apply)
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