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Project Description

Project Brief

The Biscotti and Kate Mack Shopify store project featured a full ecommerce platform migration. The migration was from one ecommerce platform to Shopify.

After moving to Shopify, eCatalog Services assisted Biscotti and Kate Mack in the following areas:

  • Product data optimization & upload.
  • Theme installation & customization.
  • Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce implementation.
  • Shopify apps implementation.
  • MailChimp implementation.

Visual A

Biscotti CSS Code

Visual B

Biscotti Products

Skills Needed

During the development of the Biscotti and Kate Mack Shopify store, eCatalog Services employed a wide range of skill sets to meet Biscotti and Kate Mack’s needs.

Project Planning 99%
Web Development 96%
Product Data Optimization & Uploading 96%
Platform Migration 90%